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The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1298, p. 70.

January 21, 1865


...The War in America--1863-64. By Edward Pollard. (1 vol. Saunders, Otley, and Co.) Mr. Pollard, who was lately editor of the Richmond Examiner, has already given his account of the first two years' war in America; and he has now brought his narrative down to the critical moment when the cautious Confederate General Johnston was superseded by the dashing Hood. It will be seen, therefore, that he has left off at a point when the campaign in Georgia became particularly interesting; but the readers of the daily newspapers will easily supply for themselves what Mr. Pollard's history lacks. Indeed, it is a question whether an attentive perusal of the newspapers will not have given the peruser quite as vivid and accurate an idea of the whole war up to the present time as can be derived from Mr. Pollard's book. Mr. Pollard, as is natural, is a warm partisan of the Southern cause and an ardent hater of the Yankee. According to him, Yankee Generals are incarnate fiends, and Yankee privates are not much better. Peace between North and South, except the "wayward sisters" be allowed to have their desire, is utterly impossible. And yet he is by no means a worshipper of Mr. Jefferson Davis; he accuses Mr. Davis of conceit and obstinacy, and attributes no less a disaster than the loss of Vicksburg to Mr. Davis's headstrong partiality for General Pemberton. The story of the war is told in a sufficiently sickening manner by the impassible telegraph: whoever has the stomach to swallow it, warmed by passion and spiced with virulence, will do well to try a dose of Mr. Pollard's preparation....

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