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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1298, p. 58.

January 21, 1865


...We met the other day a gentleman who has made several millions sterling by American blockade-running, and who spoke of one of his cunning Flying Dutchmen craft as having "gone to resume her career of usefulness." A new blockade-runner has just had her career cut lamentably short in the Mersey, breaking her back close to the north-west light-ship and going to pieces almost instanter. A life-boat which put off to rescue her crew capsized by the violence of the waves, and nearly all her gallant boatmen were drowned. We read that they were unprovided with life-belts, which, according to the rules of the service, they should have worn....

Mr. John Camden Hotten, whose curious volume on "The History of Playing-cards" contains a very droll sketch of a pack supposed to have been designed by the late Count d'Orsay, is about to give us an English edition of the famous work of American humour called "Artemus Ward his Book." Three or four years have passed since in this Journal we used to notice occasionally a little comic paper at New York called Vanity Fair. To this paper (which was short-lived) Charles H. Browne, whose pseudonym is "Artemus Ward," was the chief contributor. The "Book" itself is an exquisite piece of drollery. Artemus Ward is supposed to be a wild beast showman, travelling through the States and commenting upon men and manners as he goes along. His apocryphal narrative of a visit to the Prince of Wales in Canada is inimitably funny.

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