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[The Seal of the Confederate States of America]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1296, p. 23.

January 7, 1865

The seal of the Confederate States of America, the composition of which is by J. H. Foley, R. A., contains as a centre a representation of that statue of Washington which was executed by the American sculptor, Crawford, and erected at Richmond. The figure is mounted and in uniform, as commanding in an engagement. It is surrounded by a wreath, beautifully composed of the most valuable vegetable products of the Southern soil, as tobacco, rice, maize, cotton, wheat, and sugar-cane. The rim bears the legend, "The Confederate States of America, 22nd February, 1862. Deo Vindice." The seal is of silver, and its diameter is from three to four inches.

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