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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1296, p. 7.

January 7, 1865


...But they are saying at the clubs, too, that Lord Lyons will not return to Washington. His Lordship has but recently returned to this country on leave of absence; but, if the sages of Pall-mall are to be believed, he will not resume his arduous and thankless mission. He is said to be suffering from an affection of the eyes; and, certainly, the climate of Washington--scorching in summer and scarifyingly cold in winter--is not favourable to the cure of affections of any kind. But who is to replace an amiable and discreet diplomatist, who, all things considered, has been the very best Minister we have ever accredited to the United States? Washington might be an agreeable change from Madrid to Sir John Crampton; but, alas! Sir John knows the District of Columbia but too well. Did not our cousins turn him out of it, and out of the country to boot, ten years ago? Lord Napier, too, has been promoted; but were it possible to take him from St. Petersburg, his return to America would eminently please the Northerners, among whom his frank and cordial manners have made him exceedingly popular....

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