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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1295, p. 662-663.

December 31, 1864


The news from New York, to the 17th inst., is of great importance.

The Richmond journals state that, on the 14th inst., General Sherman carried by storm Fort MacAllister, a fortification on Ogeechee River, fifteen miles south-west of Savannah. The fort was only occupied by a garrison of 150 men; but its occupation enabled General Sherman's army to communicate with the Federal fleet and necessitated the reinforcement of Savannah. A Federal steamer, which left Charleston Bar on the 14th inst., had brought to New York a report that General Sherman, after eight hours' fighting, had taken the city of Savannah, with 11,000 prisoners; but the Richmond Examiner stated that, up to the 13th inst., the Federal army had made no attack on Savannah, which was defended by a triple line of works. The railway communication between Savannah and Charleston apparently continued to be intercepted by the Federal corps under General Foster; for the Savannah journals stated that General Foster advanced towards Coosawhatchie on the 5th inst. and burned a bridge, but was twice driven back by the Confederates.

From Tennessee, also, there is news unfavourable to the Confederate cause. General Hood, who, in spite of his late defeat, had pressed upon the Federals and shut up their army in Nashville, has, according to Northern accounts, been defeated with great loss by his opponent, General Thomas. That commander reports that he attacked the Confederates, on the 15th and 16th inst., and drove them a considerable distance, capturing from 3000 to 5000 prisoners and from thirty to forty cannon. Another disaster menaced the defeated General's army, the Federal expedition dispatched from Vicksburg and Baton Rouge to cut off his communication with Mobile having been entirely successful.

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The Federal General Stoneman has made a raid in the Confederate General Breckenridge's rear, and, after capturing Bristol, Abingdon, and Glade Springs, in Western Virginia, is marching towards Saltville.

A naval and military expedition, under the command of Admiral Porter and General Butler, sailed from Fort Monroe on the 12th inst., and was supposed to be destined for Wilmington.

The St. Albans raiders have been released by Judge Coursol, of Montreal, on the ground that the Court had no jurisdiction. The discharge of the St. Albans raiders was held wrong by the law advisers of the Canadian Government, and warrants had been issued for their re-apprehension. Stipendiary magistrates have been appointed by the Canadian Government to take cognisance of breaches of international law on the frontier. Major-General Dix has ordered the Federal commanders on the frontier to shoot any raiders if they could, to pursue them into British territory if they should take refuge there, to capture them there if possible, and not to surrender them to the British authorities, but to send them for trial by court-martial at New York. Resolutions denouncing the conduct of the Canadians, and directing the Secretary of State to demand from the British Government payment for all cargoes and ships destroyed by British piratical vessels, have been introduced into Congress and referred to the Committee for Foreign Affairs.

The House of Representatives has passed a resolution to give notice to England of the abrogation of the Canadian reciprocity treaty.

According to the New York Times, the Brazilian demand for satisfaction for the seizure of the Florida was insolent in tone; but Secretary Seward's reply is firm and conciliatory, does not indorse the seizure, and expresses a desire that the matter should be fairly and satisfactorily adjusted.

The New York Tribune states that there is a good prospect of the passage through the House of the constitutional amendment to abolish slavery.

The latest quotation of gold at New York was 128 per cent premium.

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