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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1290, p. 567.

December 3, 1864


...While Mr. Lincoln is getting up a proclamation, hinted at by General Butler after the episode of the double revolvers, which will offer to the Southerners an unconditional amnesty, leaders included, if they will at once return to their Northern brethren, the Canadians are debating under what name their country shall henceforward be known. Some propose Canadia, differing only in one letter; but others, to mark their origin and the pride they have in it, suggest New Britain, Britannia, and West Britain. The unanimity of feeling amongst all classes is very delightful. Even the Yankee reporter of the New York Herald, a gentleman who, we presume, has now and then been employed in ridiculing "Canadian blue-noses" and throwing mud at "old Mother England," could not fail to be struck with the attachment shown to the mother country. It appears to have at once astonished and perplexed him. It cannot, however, fail to gratify us. Britain does not want, in spite of Professor Somebody and Chancellor Blank, to be severed from her colonies. The war in America has done her and them this service--it has taught them that the constitution they possess is really the freest in the world, and that the bonds which bind them in allegiance to the mother country, though as strong as steel, are, as they wear them, as light as silken fetters....

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