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The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1288, p. 518-519.

November 19, 1864


...Down in Tennessee. By Edmund Kirke. (1 vol. Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.) The writer, in May, 1863, set out from it is not easy to discover whence, but probably New York, to visit the South-west. More than a year later he went to Richmond, where he had an interview with Mr. Jefferson Davis. The book makes one smile and sigh alternately. It is full of anecdotes, amusing, and distressing of the American civil war, and it gives but little hope of an early end of the wearisome strife. The writer concludes:--"There can be no peace so long as Mr. Davis controls the South. Ignoring slavery, he himself

Page 519

states the issue--the only issue with him--union or disunion. That is it. We must conquer or be conquered. We can negotiate only with the bayonet. We can have peace only by putting forth all our strength, crushing the Southern armies, and overthrowing the Southern Government." It was in July, 1864, that the writer and Colonel Jaques had audience of Mr. Davis, and peace seems still as distant as it was then....

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