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The Late Outrage on the Neutrality of Brazil

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1288, p. 517.

November 19, 1864


Our readers will not have forgotten the extraordinary action perpetrated by the Commander of a United States war-steamer, the Wachusetts, in the neutral harbour of Bahia, on the 7th ult., when an attack was suddenly made upon the steamer Florida, belonging to the navy of the Confederate States, and, after a few minutes' struggle with the few men who were on board, the Florida was audaciously carried away from beneath the protection of the Brazilian forts and ships of war. We are indebted to the Rev. C. G. Nicolay, English chaplain at Bahia, for the means of publishing an Illustration of this strange affair. One of our Engravings represents the position of the two American ships, with the Brazilian corvette lying between them, at the usual anchorage for men-of-war, previously to the hostile movement of the Wachusetts. This position is between Fort Gamboa and Fort do Mar, and is unquestionably within the accustomed harbour...

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