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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1280, p. 326.

October 1, 1864


We have telegraphic news from New York, by way of Cape race, to the 20th ult.

General Sheridan has defeated General Early, with heavy loss, in the Shenandoah Valley. At an early hour on the morning of the 18th ult. the Federals attacked the Confederates, and there ensued a furious battle, which lasted the whole day. The result was that General Early was defeated, and was compelled to retreat up the Shenandoah Valley, with the loss of five guns, 2500 prisoners, and 5000 men killed or wounded, including Generals Gordon and Shalder. The victorious Federals, whose loss was heavy and one of whose Generals was killed, afterwards occupied Winchester.

A Washington paper asserts that Admiral Farragut will not attack Mobile with his gun-boats. Southern papers publish rumours that the gallant Admiral is about to turn his attention to Wilmington.

There is no news of the movements of either of the armies at Petersburg beyond a statement that the Confederate cavalry had made a raid into Grant's lines, near Harrison's Landing, and had driven off 2500 head of cattle.

On the 16th ult. General Grant arrived at Washington, for the purpose, it may be supposed, of calling on the Government for reinforcements, as Secretary Stanton had since ordered the draught to take place on the 19th in all the States which had not furnished their quota. Mr. Seward's assertion at Auburn that no draught would be required was therefore not correct.

General Sherman has determined to make Atlanta an exclusively military post. He therefore ordered all citizens to leave the place within ten days, and go North or South, as they might prefer. General Hood, while protesting against the order, agreed to a truce for ten days to carry it out. "Permit me to say," he writes, "that the unprecedented measure you propose transcends in studied and iniquitous cruelty all the acts ever brought to my attention in this dark history of war. In the name of God and humanity, I protest against it, believing that you are expelling from their homes the wives and children of a brave people." The Southern papers express their indignation in no measured terms. The Richmond Sentinel speaks of the order as "an event unparalleled in the American war." After calling Sherman "the chief among savages, the captain among pirates, the leader among highwaymen, the prince among scoundrels and brutes, and the foremost villain of the world," the editor calls upon the

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people, if any are left, to come out and make the war, "horrible as it has been, still more so." He says, "No matter about age now. The last man and the last boy must take his musket sooner than endure such outrages as that at Atlanta."

The Federal despatch-boat Fawn, while on the passage from Norfolk to Roanoke Island, was captured and burnt by the Confederates on the 9th ult.

Vallandigham, Wood, and other leaders of the Peace Democracy had renounced M'Clellan, and were expected to hold a meeting shortly to determine what course they should take. Meanwhile the Republican ticket has been elected in Maine. The Southern papers prefer Mr. Lincoln to General M'Clellan on all grounds.

The New York Democratic State Convention have nominated Mr. Seymour for Governor.

The Richmond Inquirer professes to see a way by which peace may be brought about. Its plan is to make North and South one nation so far as all foreign nations are concerned, by an offensive and defensive treaty, but with separate governments for domestic affairs.

The three Judges of the Supreme Court of Nevada territory have resigned, after being charged with corruption by the press, and petitioned by nearly 40,000 votes to vacate the benches.

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