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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1278, p. 278.

September 17, 1864


Important news, political as well as military, has been received by the Asia, which brings New York telegrams to the morning of the 3rd inst.

The Chicago Convention has nominated M'Clellan for President, and Pendleton, of Ohio, for Vice President. The "platform" adopted is that, while the Union shall be maintained, efforts shall be made to bring about a cessation of hostilities and a convention of the States.

At Mobile Fort Morgan surrendered, with 600 prisoners, on the 23rd ult., after twenty-four hours' bombardment by the Federal land and and sea forces. The Confederates spiked the cannon and destroyed all other material in the fort previous to the surrender.

Another Federal success is the occupation of Atlanta. Secretary Stanton reports that one corps of Sherman's army had entered the place. Sherman had been previously moving on to the Macon Railroad, which had been cut by Kilpatrick. Hood, finding communications destroyed, seems to have moved southward, when a battle ensued on the Macon-road, in which it is said the Federals were successful.

At the other great point of interest in the struggle (Petersburg) there had also been active work going on, rather unfavourable to the Federals, however. On the 25th ult. the Confederates attacked General Hancock's position on the south of the Reams Station on the Weldon Railroad, and, after a desperate fight, retook four of the seven miles of the line which the Federals had occupied. The Federal loss is estimated at 2000 men and nine guns, while that of the Confederates is said to amount to 5000 men. Mr. Stanton reports that if General Grant can be reinforced by 100,000 new troops the success of his movements for the capture of Richmond will be made certain.

There are conflicting reports respecting the state of affairs in the Shenandoah Valley. One account represents Early to have retreated and Sheridan to have started in pursuit. A later telegram, however, says that the two armies were still confronting each other.

Gold at last accounts was quoted at 240 3/8.

The Minister Plenipotentiary from the Government of the Emperor Maximilian had arrived in Washington.

Nathaniel Thayer, of Boston, and the family of the late Thomas Tileston, of New York have each presented 25,000 dols. to the Washington University of St. Louis. In consequence of these munificent gifts the professorship of Mechanics and Civil Engineers is to be called the Thayer Professorship, and that of Political Economy the Tileston Professorship.

Extradition Of Muller.

On the 27th ult., the hearing of the extradition case of Müller, charged with the murder of Mr. Briggs, was resumed before the United States Commissioner Newton. The British Government was represented by Mr. F. F. Marbury, as on the previous day; while Messrs. Chauncey Schaffer and E. Blankman appeared for the prisoner. The court was thronged with spectators anxious to obtain a view of the accused, who sat with an unmoved countenance. Mr. Schaffer, for the defence, maintained that as yet there was nothing to justify Müller's committal. The accused being a foreigner, he contended that the treaty under which the extradition was demanded had been suspended, and he also adverted to the Florida as being a pirate sent out by English subjects. Inspector Tanner having been re-examined as to the height of the prisoner, Mr. Schaffer endeavoured to show that Müller could not be one of the two men seen in the compartment with Mr. Briggs on the night of the murder. Commissioner Newton then delivered his decision, stating that, under the circumstances, he was constrained to grant a certificate, and commit the prisoner, being satisfied as to his guilt.

Müller was given into the custody of Inspector Tanner, and left New York on the 3rd inst., in the Etna, which will, no doubt, arrive in England before this Number is in our readers' hands.

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