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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1277, p. 255.

September 10, 1864


....The New Yorkers are, as we have said, busy in their election, just as in the spring we shall be busy in ours. The opinion runs very much in favour of M'Clellan; certainly, his only dangerous opponent is Lincoln himself. The pro-war party depend upon a continuation of the war to the "bitter end" by Lincoln or Fremont; they look to immediate peace at the hands of Vallandigham, and to peace upon a solid basis from General M'Clellan, who, it is believed, will not let the honour of his country suffer....

By the mistake of a newspaper correspondent it has been reported that Mr. Sala (who is so well known in connection with this magazine) has returned to England. This is not the case. He is still reporting "America in the Midst of War," and his readers would be sorry to miss his fluent, truthful, and clear pen. His diary in America will be published in October next. By-the-way, a writer from New York in the Reader plainly accuses our English correspondents of painting white black, according to order, and the English of being gulled and hoodwinked in their judgment of this great struggle and of American character by these paid fibbers. This, of course, is the old story; to all English travellers, from Basil Hall, Mrs. Trollope, and Charles Dickens, to Mrs. Trollope's son and Dr. Mackay, we have heard long ago that immense sums have been paid for the purpose of abusing America, but by whom? It does appear to us that these gentlemen could have made, if venal, quite as much money by writing up everything couleur de rose. Let us hope that some English author will give this slander an indignant denial. Of Mr. Sala's letters we may say, honestly, that, without reference to depth of view or method of treatment, we have heard dwellers in America--nay, Americans themselves--attest their photographic truth....

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