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[On Thursday a Marriage of Considerable Interest]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1275, p. 211.

August 27, 1864

On Thursday a marriage of considerable interest took place at the Church of St. James, Piccadilly. The bridegroom, Lieutenant Samuel Wylde Hardinge, was an officer in the United States navy, holding the rank of Lieutenant on board the American war-steamer Connactuca. The lady was the daughter of General Boyd, of the army of the Southern States, who lately died in prison, having been made prisoner by the Federals. Her father, General Boyd, who possessed vast estates in the territory of Virginia, early embraced the cause of Southern independence, and was soon intrusted with a command, obtaining the rank of General. His daughter, the bride, enthusiastically embraced the same cause, followed her father to the field, and accompanied him throughout his campaign with the celebrated Stonewall Jackson, and on two occasions led on the troops to battle; she was, however, in a skirmish, captured and made prisoner, and conveyed to Washington, where she was imprisoned. Here she remained thirteen months, when she was exchanged for General Cochrane, who had been made prisoner by the Confederates. On her return to the South, she went on board the Greyhound, Confederate steamer, which was captured by the Federal steamer Connactuca while running the blockade. Lieutenant Hardinge was sent on board the Greyhound as prize-master, with his young heroine as a prisoner. The result was that they mutually became enamoured, and escaped together from the ship, and found their way to this country, the bride having succeeded in withdrawing her lover from his allegiance to the United States flag, and enlisted his sympathies and support for the South.

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