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London: Saturday, August 27, 1864

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1275, p. 210.

August 27, 1864


....A topic has arisen, and it will be welcomed. A Federal frigate has made capture of a vessel from an English port, and said to be under the English flag. The Georgia has been taken by the Niagara. The former was once a Confederate vessel and wrought wild work with Federal commerce, but she has been sold to an Englishman, and he has had her chartered by the Portuguese, or so it is stated. Had the Niagara a right to seize her? Was her old character done away? Had she become an English ship? Will Earl Russell demand explanations? If she is not given up, shall we go to war with the North, recognise the South, and rush into the affray out of which we have kept so long? The future will decide all these questions; our present duty is to "write and be thankful" for a new topic in this dreary season.

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