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The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1275, p. 207.

August 27, 1864


The following telegram has been received through Mr. Reuter's office:--

(Per the St. David, viĆ¢ Greencastle.)
New York, Aug. 12, Evening.

Official Confederate despatches from Mobile, dated the 8th inst., state:--It is painfully humiliating to announce the shameful surrender of Fort Gaines by Colonel Anderson. Colonel Anderson communicated with the enemy by a flag of truce without the consent of General Page, who inquired, by signal, what his purpose was, but received no answer. General Page telegraphed "hold your fort," and immediately visited Fort Gaines, when he found that Colonel Anderson was on board the Federal fleet, arranging a capitulation. The General left orders for Colonel Anderson, on returning, not to surrender the fort, and relieved him of his command. Fort Morgan signalled this morning, but received no answer except the hoisting of the Federal flag over the ramparts of Fort Gaines. Colonel Anderson's conduct is pronounced inexplicable and shameful.

The Confederates evacuated and blew up Fort Powell on the 7th instant. The whole Confederate fleet, except one vessel, is sunk, beached, or captured.

General Sheridan's forces are moving up the Shenandoah Valley against the Confederates. General Averill's success at Moorefield, Virginia, is confirmed.

The Federal loss during Stoneman's raid is reported to be 1000 men.

Mr. Stanton has not resigned, as was stated by the New York World and New York Times.

The Governor of Pennsylvania has recommended the Legislature to make an appropriation to equip 15,000 militia for the special defence of the State.

An enormous mass meeting has been held at New York to nominate General M'Clellan for the presidency. The New York Herald estimates that 100,000 persons were present. Resolutions were passed denouncing Mr. Lincoln's policy and recommending M'Clellan's nomination on a Constitutional platform.

A Confederate privateer is reported sixty miles south-east of Sandy Hook. She has captured a pilot-boat.

The Persia has arrived out.

Gold, 155 per cent premium.

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