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[The Government Emigration Commissioners]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1273, p. 178.

August 13, 1864

The Government Emigration Commissioners have issued a notice, as follows, warning emigrants to the United States against the traps laid for them by Federal crimps:--"Information for emigrants to the United States.--On arrival at New York you will be landed with your luggage at Castle Garden, where you will obtain, free of charge, good accommodation and instructions as to the best mode of reaching your destination. This establishment is under the supervision of the Commissioners of Emigration for the State of New York (one of whom is the president of the Irish Emigration Society), and affords every facility for obtaining inland passage-tickets by railroad and steam-boats to all parts of the United States and Canada. Be cautious in buying in this country, or on board ship, 'Inland passage-tickets' for travelling in the United States, as you may find them useless on your arrival in America. You will obtain them cheaper, and run no risk of imposition, by getting them at Castle Garden, New York. Do not trust to strangers, whose sbject [sic] object in offering you assistance is either to entrap you into enlisting, or to gain your confidence for the purpose of defrauding you of your money. Do not accept invitations from strangers to drink, and be especially careful not to get drunk, or in any way to lose control over your own actions. Be very cautious as to the engagements you enter into for work. Remember that an American dollar is nominally equal to 4s. 2d. English money, and a cent is one halfpenny, but that under the present circumstances of the country they will not buy more than one third as much of the necessaries of life as they would formerly buy. By order of her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners, S. Walcott.--Government Emigration Board, 8, Park-street, Westminster, August, 1864."

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