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[According to the Monthly Emigration Returns]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1272, p. 151.

August 6, 1864

According to the monthly emigration returns from Liverpool, which were completed on Monday by the Government emigration officials at that port, it appears that though the emigration from the Mersey has not been so brisk as in previous months, yet the exodus still continues steady, and the majority of the emigrants, as usual, are Irish. During the month just ended there sailed twenty ships to the United States "under the Act." These vessels carried out 7310 steerage and 267 cabin passengers. The nationality of the steerage passengers is as follows:--1927 English, 4533 Irish, 239 Scotch, and 611 foreigners. To Canada there sailed four ships, with 421 steerage and 95 cabin passengers, of whom 235 were English, 64 Irish, and 122 foreigners were in the steerage. To Victoria there were two ships, with 735 steerage and 8 cabin passengers, of whom 239 were English, 406 Irish, 55 Scotch, and 35 foreigners. To Queensland there sailed only one ship, with 443 steerage and 1 cabin passengers. Of this number 132 were English, 210 Irish, and 101 Scotch. Apart from the emigration from the Mersey, we understand the emigration from the Irish ports direct to the westward continues to be enormous, and this fact will no doubt account for the apparent dulness at the emigration offices in Liverpool. Of "short ships," or vessels not sailing under Government supervision, there sailed to the United States eight ships, with 500 passengers; to Canada two ships and 55 passengers; to New Brunswick, one ship and 5 passengers; to New South Wales, one ship, with 34 passengers; to Victoria, one ship, with 32 passengers; to the West Indies, four ships and 29 passengers; to South America, two ships and 34 passengers; and to Africa, one ship and 25 passengers--making a total of twenty ships and 714 passengers.

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