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The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1271, p. 128-129.

July 30, 1864


...Rambles in the Rocky Mountains. By Maurice O'Connor Morris. (1 vol. Smith, Elder, and Co.) Where is Denver City? is a question which Mr. Morris--no doubt, rightly--supposes very few Englishmen can answer. Howbeit, the events of the last three years have tended to make "Britishers" better acquainted than they were before with American geography; and it is, therefore, not improbable that there are more Englishmen than Mr. Morris imagines whose eyes have become familiar with the map of what was heretofore the United States, who could point out "Fremont's route in 1845," who could even put their finger upon the spot marked "Denver City," and who could say composedly, "There it is, in Colorado." Nevertheless, Colorado has certainly not yet been explored by travelling Englishmen, and the traveller should prick up his ears and snuff adventure or novelty from afar when Mr. Morris assures him "that if any flûneur in London who is weary of the perfumed airs of Bond-street, and has lost his taste for moors and stubbles, will cross the plains and pay

Page 129

the Rocky Mountains a visit, he will return with a keener zest for the pleasures of civilised life, and with his 'mens sana in corpore sano' all the fresher for what he has seen and experienced." And we can assure those who feel inclined to undertake the expedition not bodily but mentally, not by land and water, but by paper and print, that they will find Mr. Morris a very agreeable companion and guide "across the green prairies of Kansas and the sandy saharas of Nebraska" to the gold-fields of the Rocky Mountains.

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