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Newspaper Correspondents at the Seat of War

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1270, p. 83.

July 23, 1864

Newspaper Correspondents At The Seat Of War.--I was writing in my tent yesterday when a MiniƩ bullet came whizzing through the canvas, passing just by Captain Bradly, Captain Zaft, and Lieutenant Dawkens, of General Wood's Staff, who were sitting inside. It completely disturbed my reflective powers for the time being. Another struck me lately in the breast, passing through my coat and vest; but, fortunately for me, I had my portfolio full of paper inside, through which it also passed, but did me no serious injury. I intend carrying my life preserver home with me. Mr. Bearrie, of the Cincinnati Times, had his portfolio shot through in his hand, and Mr. Furey, of the Cincinnati Gazette, was at supper, when an unceremonious shell came and took away his candle, leaving him a dark subject. Here we get accustomed to such things.--New York Paper.

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