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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1267, p. 42.

July 9, 1864


...Another of England's many admirers, Mr. George Francis Train, has turned up in New York lately from a visit to Abraham Lincoln, at least so we construe the profanity "Fresh from Abraham's bosom." His last resting-place has not allowed the effervescence of the London champagne to subside; for the great author of "Spread Eagledom" is as wild as ever. "England," he says, and his subject was chosen by his audience, "is only a little province of France, and a revolution is coming there. When the Fenian brotherhood rises and fires its guns on the tops of the mountains," &c. Silly brotherhood! why on the tops of the mountains? Had they not better come down, and listen to the good sense of Mr. Justice Keogh and those true friends who would try to regenerate Ireland. The Roman Catholic clergy are beginning to see that their interest lies also with the Government and the prosperity of the people; and the best way of showing the true character of the Fenians is to quote the approval of them by Mr. Train and the Americans, who in their own battles invariably put the Irish recruit "in the front."...

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