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[The Returns Compiled by the Emigration Agent]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1267, p. 27.

July 9, 1864

The returns compiled by the emigration agent at Liverpool for the month of June last, shows the following results:--Vessels under the Act--United States: Twenty-seven ships, carrying 10,462 passengers, of which 379 were cabin; of these 2,174 were English, 319 Scotch, 6,399 Irish, and 1101 from other countries. Canada: Five ships, 1163 passengers, of whom 100 were cabin; 471 were English, 325 Irish, 207 other countries. Victoria: Two ships, 823 passengers, including twenty-six in the cabin; of whom 261 were English, ninety-four Scotch, 412 Irish, and thirty from other countries. South America: One ship, carrying sixty-three passengers, including two in the cabin, all of whom were Irish. Total under the Act, 12,511. The returns of short ships, or those not under the Act were--United States: Seven ships, 476 passengers. Canada: Two ships, thirty-five. South America: One ship, four. West Indies: One ship, five. Mexico: Two ships, nine. Africa: One ship, ten. British Columbia: One ship, thirteen. Making a total of 552 passengers in short ships. Aggregate for the month, 13,063; being a decrease as compared with the corresponding month of the previous year of 2292. The total emigration from Liverpool for the quarter ending the 30th of June last was 53,586; for the corresponding quarter of 1863, 54,044.

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