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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 45, no. 1266, p. 7.

July 2, 1864

...Our redoubtable "Manhattan," common-councilman of New York and correspondent of the Morning Herald, has been summoned before the Military Governor of New York and threatened with arrest. Pointing to a file of that journal, General Dix told him "that they had done more harm to the United States than all the New York papers combined." Only imagine, if we can, the pride of the author when he heard this! Harm, i' faith; why, Manhattan, sometimes north, sometimes south, twists about like the revolving lights in a lighthouse, and flashes now yellow, now rose colour, now blue, all very pretty to look at, but utterly useless to read by. We knew, certainly, that there were rocks ahead at New York, and that Washington was an uncomfortable place to live in; but why imprison a poor harum-scarum newspaper correspondent for that?...

One is glad to see that the past and present students of Charing-cross Hospital are about to raise a memorial to the brave surgeon of the Alabama, Mr. Llewellyn, who went down with that vessel whilst nobly doing his duty. Both Northern and Southern can show their sympathies with a brave non-combatant, and his fellow-countrymen may do it in two places, by either subscribing to the memorial at Charing-cross or to the one at the little church of his native place which his fellow-townsmen are about to erect...

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