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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1262, p. 542.

June 4, 1864


...The Steam-Rams.--The Attorney-General, in reply to a series of questions relative to the arrangement in the case of the Mersey steam-rams, gave an account of the negotiations which resulted in the purchase of the two vessels. The purchase money is £220,000, or £80,000 below the sum at first demanded by the person represented to be the owner of the rams. The hon. and learned gentleman contended that on the part of the Government there had been no condonation of a violation of the law; and he did not consider that the arrangement in this case would lead shipbuilders to construct vessels of the class of El Toussain and El Monastir on the speculation that the Government would buy the ships. He added that, under present circumstances, her Majesty's Ministers did not deem it necessary to propose an amendment to the Foreign Enlistment Act...


...In reply to Mr. Hodgkinson, Lord C. Paget said he should have to introduce a supplementary estimate to pay for the Mersey steam-rams...


The Steam-Rams.--The Attorney-General, in answer to a question, stated that the Government had had no communication whatever with Messrs. Laird respecting the purchase of the Mersey steam-rams. M. Bravay, who represented himself to be the owner of the vessels, was the person with whom the correspondence had been carried on.

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