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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1261, p. 531.

May 28, 1864


...The narrative of the slaughter of the Federal troops in Grant's last advance has driven some leader writers into hysterics. Never was such slaughter, they cry; we cannot match it in the battles of the old world. Indeed! can we not? In five days the Federals have, it appears, lost 40,000 men killed, wounded, and skedaddled; this is about 8000 a day, a dreadful number certainly. But at Waterloo the total loss of the allied army in killed, wounded, and missing was 22,976 in one day; at Crecy we slew 30,000 of the French private men and nearly 3000 nobles and knights in one day, and took three crowned kings prisoners; and at Blenheim Marlborough slew 27,000 allies and took 13,000 prisoners; thus in actual loss to his enemy equalling the fight of five days in America. It is just as well to recall these facts, for some people are inflated even by the magnitude of their misfortunes just as a bankrupt rejoices when he breaks for forty thousand, and looks down with contempt upon the struggling wretch who stops payment just for the want of a few hundreds....

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