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[A Correspondence]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1261, p. 530.

May 28, 1864

A correspondence between Lord R. Cecil and Mr. T. Baring has been published, in consequence of the former having in a recent speech in Parliament accused the firm of Baring with having violated neutrality in favour of the Federals, whilst its representative was bringing charges in the House of Commons against the builders of the Georgia for doing the same by the Confederates. Lord Robert, in reply to the request for an explanation, referred Mr. Baring to the Queen's Proclamation, in which reference is made to munitions of war as well as ships as being contraband. Mr. Baring rejoins that all the firm has done has been done openly as bankers honouring draughts for money transmitted to them, but that the building of the Georgia was clandestine. To this Lord Robert replies that Federal spies compelled secresy, and the Confederates, not being represented in this country, could not even remonstrate.

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