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[Master Willie Pape]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1253, p. 378.

April 16, 1864

Master Willie Pape, the celebrated young American pianist, has been playing at Liverpool with extraordinary success. At a concert at St. George's Hall, on Saturday last, he performed, among other pieces, Thalberg's serenade from "Don Pasquale," Beethoven's sonata in E flat, and Thalberg's fantasias on "Lucia," and "Mosè in Egitto," intermingling these classical compositions with curious and interesting specimens of American and negro music. "Master Pape," says a Liverpool journal, "has a touch of equal softness and brilliancy; his execution seems equal to any difficulty; his repertoire is varied and abundant; his style, though it has yet to reach the poetical maturity of one or two of our greatest masters of the piano, is characterised by intelligence, appreciation, and feeling, while it is wholly devoid of the tricksiness usually found with prodigies; and to all his other merits he adds a memory which enables him to dispense with his music throughout the whole of his wonderful programme."

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