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Ruins of Colonel Colt's Firearms Factory at Hartford, United States

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1253, p. 359.

April 16, 1864


The extensive factory at Hartford, Connecticut, belonging to a company for the manufacture of Colonel Colt's patent firearms--Colt's revolver and others, which have obtained a world-wide reputation--was entirely destroyed by fire on the 5th of February last. It contained some of the finest and most ingenious machinery that has ever been produced by human science and skill. The whole value of the factory and its contents was more than two million dollars. In spite of this heavy loss the operations of the company are still actively carried on. They have, we believe, already resumed the manufacture of Colt's firearms, which, we presume, are in greater demand than ever in America at the present time. It is expected that before the end of the year the Hartford factory will be completely restored...

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