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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1252, p. 335.

April 9, 1864


The Australasian, which arrived at Queenstown last Saturday, brings New York advices to the 23rd ult.

General Lee is reported to have broken up his encampment on the Rapidan and to be moving on the Shenandoah Valley, and an early attack by the General on the army of the Potomac was apprehended.

General Stuart was concentrating his cavalry at Fredericksburg and Charlottesville preparatory to making a raid. But the military operations in Virginia were delayed by a terrific snowstorm.

The movements of General Longstreet at Bull's Gap rendered it doubtful whether he intended to enter Kentucky or to join Lee: the latter was considered most probable.

Porter's fleet and Sherman's forces had left Vicksburg for Red River.

The steamer Norman has been destroyed in Suwannee river.

President Lincoln has signed the Enabling Acts for Nevada, Colorado, and Nebraska, allowing them to form State constitutions and come into the Union.

The negro colonists who left the United States for Hayti have returned, unable to form a colony.

The decree of the United States District Court in the case of the Saxon not only orders the ship and cargo to be restored to the owners, but recommends that Lieutenant Donovan, who shot Mr. Grey, should be tried by court-martial for the murder. The questions of compensation to the widow and to the owners of the vessel have been reserved.

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