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The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1251, p. 310.

April 2, 1864


The President, by an official order promulgated on the 14th ult., assigned Lieutenant-General Grant to the command of all the armies of the United States. General Halleck, who is, at his own request, relieved from duty as General-in-Chief, is assigned to duty in Washington as Chief of Army Staff. Major-General W. T. Sherman is assigned to the command of the military division of the Mississippi, embracing the departments of the Ohio, the Cumberland, the Tennessee, and the Arkansas. Major General M'Pherson is assigned to the command of the department and army of the Tennessee. In relieving General Halleck from duty as General-in-Chief, the President expresses his thanks and approbation "for the able and zealous manner in which the arduous and responsible duties of that position have been performed."

There seems to be a strong impression on both sides that General Grant is about to inaugurate a vigorous campaign in Virginia; and the Confederates are said to be concentrating an army of observation in North Carolina to watch the southern part of James River, in which direction they anticipate the Northern legions will appear.

The Federals are concerting expeditions against Shreveport, Louisiana, and the trans-Mississippi region.

General Sherman, who had gone to New Orleans to consult with General Banks, has arrived at Nashville to assume his new command. General Sherman was said to have done immense damage to Confederate property in his late raid--to have destroyed 150 miles of railway, and to have brought 10,000 negroes with him to Vicksburg; but we are not told anything respecting the losses sustained by him.

Firing is still kept up against Charleston, but no more casualties are reported.

President Lincoln has called for 200,000 more men, to be raised by the 15th inst.

Both Houses of Congress have passed the bill authorising the sale of the surplus gold in the Treasury.

General M'Clellan and General Fremont had both been nominated for the presidency by meetings held in New York.

Arkansas has elected an anti-slavery Legislature.

The Free-State Government has been publicly inaugurated at New Orleans with imposing ceremonies. The wife of General Beauregard has died in that city. At the funeral a great public demonstration of sympathy was made.

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President Davis, the Times' New York correspondent telegraphs, has appointed the 8th inst. as a day of fasting and prayer.

A conspiracy has been discovered in Kentucky, having for its object the annexation of that State to the Southern Confederacy.

The Federal Judge has decided that the English barque Saxon was illegally seized at Angra Pequena, on the South African coast; but we have yet to learn the result of the inquiry into the homicide of her mate by one of the Vanderbilt's officers.

The steamer Mary Ann was captured by the Grand Gulf, off Wilmington, on the 6th ult. The sloop Two Brothers was captured on Feb. 25, off Indiana Inlet. On the 27th of February the sloop Mina was captured; on the 29th the schooner Rebel, and on the 4th ult. the schooner Lametta.

The Navy Department of the United States have advertised for tenders for raising the line-of-battle ships Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Columbus, the frigates Cumberland, Congress, Merrimac, Raritan, and Columbia, and the steamer Whitehall, which have been sunk during the conflict.

A treaty has been concluded between the United States and Great Britain for the settlement of the claims of the Hudson's Bay and Puget Sound Agricultural Companies, under the Treaty of 1846.

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