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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1249, p. 275.

March 19, 1864


...Amongst other curious items of news only to be found in the writings of the eccentric Manhattan we gather that Mr. George Thompson, a foremost workman once in the corn-law agitation, but now neglected by his party, has arrived in New York, and has been presented to the sovereign people as "the representative of Liberal democracy in England, and the true friend of America." Mr. Thompson did his best to praise America at the expense of John Bull, and said that millions of hearts in England worshipped Fremont! Surely, this is a poor m├ętier for a man to take up in his old age who has done good service in his youth. Pleasant it is also to be told that we hear that for the sake of "making the President popular" we are to have hostility displayed towards England. Candidates for the presidency are cropping up like mushrooms. There is not a negro barber in New York, we are told with pardonable exaggeration, who is not an aspirant for the presidency, and who does not think he has a good chance. If a railsplitter is elected, why not a barber? "I do not believe," writes Manhattan, "In any mulattos, quarteroons, or eighteroons; give us a pure, unadulterated negro, and I will vote for him."...

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