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The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1249, p. 270.

March 19, 1864


As far as can be gathered from the latest accounts from New York, the Federal movements in Virginia and the south-west have been failures. General Sherman had been obliged to return to Vicksburg without effecting the object of his advance into Alabama, and General Thomas's advance upon Dalton and Atlanta had been checked by General Joseph Johnston. General Kilpatrick, who had been engaged in a cavalry raid in the rear of Lee's army, had found it impossible to reach Richmond, and had returned into the Federal lines. A forward movement had been made by General Meade, to divert attention from Kilpatrick's movements; but, by the latest accounts, the army of the Potomac was at its old position at Brandy Station. General Meade has again been summoned to Washington to consult with Lincoln and the War Department. The Federals have been seriously repulsed in Florida. In an engagement beyond Jacksonville, on the 20th ult., they were defeated with a loss of 1000 men and several guns. At Charleston the Federal sloop of war Housatonic was destroyed on the 18th ult. by a Confederate torpedo. The Northern crew, with the exception of two officers and three men, were rescued by boats from other blockading vessels. The Confederate guerrilla, Colonel Richardson, has been captured by Federal cavalry.

President Lincoln sent to the Senate the nomination of Major-General Grant to be Lieutenant-General, in accordance with the provisions of the new law reviving that rank in the army; and the appointment has been confirmed.

On the 1st inst. the Senate passed the House bill providing for the issue of 200,000,000 dols. in forty-five bonds; and also a joint resolulution [sic] resolution of thanks to re-enlisted veterans.

In the House of Representatives, on the 29th ult., the bill to authorise the transfer of 200,000,000 dols. from the 900,000,000 dols. ten-forty loan into a five-forty loan was passed. The bill also authorises the issue of 11,000,000 dols. additional five-twenties to supply the overplus of subscriptions on the day the loan was exhausted.

The draught in New York has been postponed. Bounties will be continued till the 1st of April.

The Confederate Congress has adjourned, after having issued addresses declaring that the South will make no overtures for peace until the Federal Cabinet shall announce them to be acceptable, and that the Southern Confederacy would submit to a European protectorate rather than to Yankee domination.

A bill has passed the Confederate Senate to establish a volunteer navy. It authorises the Secretary of the Navy to commission vessels either in or out of the waters of the Confederate States.

General Bragg has been appointed General-in-Chief of the Confederate armies.

Richmond papers contain the following address of General Beauregard to his troops:--

Soldiers!--The term of service of some of you is about to expire. You must have seen from the newspapers that your brothers in arms of the veteran armies of Northern Virginia and Tennessee have re-enrolled, as was to be expected of such men, by entire companies, battalions, regiments, and brigades, proudly retaining the organisation intact under which they won renown. Will the men who have defended Sumter and Moultrie fail to follow these examples of soldierly patriotism?

The population of Wisconsin appears to be of a polyglot character, as the Governor's message is to be printed, by order, in the German, Norwegian, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, and French languages.

The Chicago correspondent of the New York Times writes, under date of the 15th ult.:--"A gentleman arrived in this city from Idaho last week says that, when he left, it was estimated that there was 15,000,000 dols. in gold in the hands of the miners, awaiting the means of transportation to the States."

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