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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1248, p. 254.

March 12, 1864

...HOUSE OF COMMONS.--Friday, March 4.

...Confederate War Vessels In British Ports.--Mr. J. G. Shaw Lefevre called attention to the course pursued by the agents of the Confederate States of America in fitting out vessels of war and enlisting seaman in the ports of this country in violation of the laws of neutrality.--The Solicitor-General said the Government was first of all blamed for siding with the North, and now they were charged with partiality towards the South. He thought he had better let those two accusations answer each other. The hon. and learned gentleman then proceeded to defend the Government, and to show that they had done all in their power to act with impartiality and to maintain a strict neutrality.

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