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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1240, p. 50.

January 16, 1864


No movement has been made by any of the armies in Virginia or the south-west, but the Confederate guerrillas were still active. Longstreet had removed to a position which he can fortify while he retains convenient means of retreat. The effect of this movement will be, it is said, to necessitate the keeping of a large Federal army in East Tennessee.

It is said that the Confederate General Rossee had accomplished the ominous feat of making a complete circuit of General Meade's army.

General Grant is reported to have drawn up a new plan for the next campaign, and to have submitted it to the Government at Washington.

The bombardment of Charleston continued, with little result.

The Confederates had refused to negotiate with General Butler for an exchange of prisoners, on the ground that he had been "outlawed" by President Davis.

The Free States men have held a convention in New Orleans, in which negroes were admitted to seats and the convention was opened by a prayer from a coloured preacher.

The Federal Government have officially denied that they would never tolerate or recognise the Mexican monarchy.

The draught has been postponed till the middle of January.

The Governor of New York has removed the New York Police Commissioners, on the ground that their reports of the New York riots were sectarian and partisan.

Several more merchants of New York have been arrested for carrying on a contraband trade with the South.

The Most Rev. Dr. Hughes, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, is dead.

The ironclad Dictator has been successfully launched at New York.

Two of the men implicated in the seizure of the Chesapeake had been arrested at St. John, New Brunswick, and had been brought before the police magistrate.

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