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[According to the Returns]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 44, no. 1239, p. 27.

January 9, 1864

According to the returns of the Government emigration officers at Liverpool, for 1863, the emigration from that port, when compared with 1862, is greatly on the increase. The total number of steerage passengers sailing "under the Act" was 119,772, and of cabin passengers 3765; making a total of 123,537. Added to this there are the passengers carried out in the short ships, which number 14,445; making a grand total of 137,982. When compared with last year, there is an increase of 76,668. The tide of emigration is principally accelerated by the enormous Irish emigration to America, which appears to increase daily. It is also a fact that the Irish emigrants are much better clothed than those whose homes have been in England or Scotland. This is attributed to the high pay now being given to labourers in the United States.

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