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Master Willie Pape

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1231, p. 531.

November 21, 1863

Master Willie Pape, the youthful American pianist, gave a concert on Wednesday, last week, at Chatham, respecting which the South-Eastern Gazette speaks thus:--"Although not yet fourteen years of age, Master Pape not only takes rank with musicians of riper years, but he out-distances nearly all. In the concert of Wednesday the programme was made up of selections from Beethoven, Liszt, Prudent, and other composers, introducing the various compositions of the several schools, in order to show the extraordinary ability of this gifted youth. The first piece performed was the 'Moïse,' by Thalberg; and the manner in which the variations were given, and the artistic display of the entire piece--one of the most difficult by Thalberg--stamped this juvenile performer as a living wonder. His most astounding performance, however, was Beethoven's Grand Sonata, op. 26, and this, undoubtedly one of the finest works of this great master, was executed in the most perfect manner. Taken as a whole, such a pianoforte recital has probably never before been heard at Chatham."

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