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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1229, p. 478.

November 7, 1863


....Charles Mackay, who for twenty months has been residing in the United States as Special Correspondent of the Times, returned by the last Cunard steamer on temporary leave of absence. That the Doctor should have remained so long unmolested and undenounced in the Northern States is rather complimentary to the impartiality and love of fair play of the Federals, whose peculiarities he has painted in vigorous but certainly not in rosy colours. It seems, indeed, to be the opinion of that accomplished Anglo-Italian, Mr. Antonio Gallenga (who has been likewise "specialling" for the Times in the West), that the Americans like to be abused. "Lash them daily, lash them duly," as Mrs. Trollope did, and they will kiss the rod. Speak civilly of them, as Mr. Anthony Trollope did, and they will turn a cold shoulder to you. We remember a curious instance related to us by an American friend, proving the sensitive appreciation on the part of the American people of Mrs. Trollope's outspoken animadversions. One of the lady's strictures was on the inelegant transatlantic custom of visitors to a theatre lolling back in their seats, with their feet on the ledge of the dress circle. Not more than ten years since our friend was at a first-rate New York theatre, and in the dress circle there was one solitary individual who exhibited the soles of his boots at an angle of forty-five degrees (more or less) to a non-admiring audience. An indignant shout of "Trollope! Trollope!" arose from the pit, and the obnoxious individual, covered by public clamour, had to take his boots down. Mr. Antonio Gallenga, by-the-way, is, or was lately, a member of the Italian Parliament. Rumour has it that he has replaced Dr. Mackay during the absence of the latter in Europe. But how will the Italian Legislature do without the versatile author of Country Life in Piedmont."...

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