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Chicamauga [sic] Creek

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1226, p. 402.

October 17, 1863

Chicamauga [sic] Creek.--A correspondent gives the following description of this now famous locality:--"I am familiar with the names and localities near Chattanooga, and I beg to correct the spelling of the word by which the battle is generally called. It should be 'Chicamaga, [sic] ' not 'Chicamagu. [sic] ' It is a Cherokee compound word. The first syllable signifies 'stream' or 'creek'; the whole signifies 'the Stream of Death.' The village of Rossville, in the vicinity, was for many years the seat of the principal chief of the Cherokees. The valley through which runs the little river Chicamauga was low, and subject to overflow. The river doubtless derived its name from the unhealthiness of this little valley, through which it passes."

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