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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1224, p. 327.

October 3, 1863


...The Confederate war-steamers Alabama and Georgia were cruising off the coast and snapping up Federal merchantmen. Another vessel, the Tuscaloosa, formerly the barque Conrad, armed as a Confederate cruiser, had also visited Simon's Bay. The United States' Consul protested against the capture, as having been made within a cannon shot of the shore. He also claimed the restitution of the Tuscaloosa, as agentfor her owners, on the ground that, not having been condemned by the Prize Court of any recognised country, her entry into a British port was a violation of the Queen's proclamation. The Governor decided against both these demands, wereupon the Consul protested in the name of his Government, and pointed out that the original cargo of the Tuscaloosa had been sold to cerchants at Cape Town, and that the cargo of the Sea Bride would be similarly disposed of.

The Valorous had gone to Sldanha Bay to watch the Confederates, and the Vanderbilt had left St. Helena in chase of the Alabama.

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