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President Lincoln

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1222, p. 299.

September 19, 1863

President Lincoln.--A Washington correspondent of the New York Times writes:--"I see the President almost every day, as I happen to live where he passes to or from his lodgings out of town. Mr. Lincoln never reposes at the White House during the hot season, but has quarters at a healthy location some three miles north of the city--the Soldiers' Home, a United States' benevolent establishment. I saw him this morning, about half-past eight, coming in to business, riding on Vermont-avenue, near L-street. The sight is a significant one. He always has a company of twenty-five or thirty cavalry, with sabres drawn and held upright over their shoulders. The party makes no great show in uniforms or horses. Mr. Lincoln generally rides a good-sized, easy-going, gray horse; is dressed in black, somewhat rusty and dusty; wears a black, stiff hat, and looks about as ordinary in attire, &c., as the commonest man. A Lieutenant, with yellow straps, rides at his left; and following behind, two by two, come the cavalry men in their yellow-striped jackets. They are generally going at a slow trot, as that is the pace set them by the dignitary they wait upon. The sabres and accoutrements clank, and the entirely unornamental cort├ęge trots slowly towards Lafayette-square. It arouses no sensation, only some curious stranger stops and gazes. I saw very plainly the President's dark brown face, with the deep cut lines, the eyes, always to me, with a deep, latent sadness in the expression. Sometimes he comes and goes in an open barouche. The cavalry always accompany him with drawn sabres. Sometimes one of his sons, a boy of ten or twelve, rides at his right on a pony."

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