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Prorogation of Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1215, p. 110.

August 1, 1863

The Queen's Message.

...The civil war between the Northern and Southern States of the North American Union still unfortunately continues, and is necessarily attended with much evil, not only to the contending parties, but also to nations which have taken no part in the contest. Her Majesty, however, has seen no reason to depart from that strict neutrality which her Majesty has observed from the beginning of the contest...

Her Majesty has gladly given her assent to an Act for carrying into effect the additional treaty concluded by her Majesty with the President of the United States for the more effectual suppression of the slave trade; and her Majesty trusts that the honourable co-operation of the Government of the United States will materially assist her Majesty in those endeavours which Great Britain has long been engaged in making to put an end to the perpetration of that most disgraceful crime.

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