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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1213, p. 67.

July 18, 1863


...Recognition of the Southern Confederacy.--Mr. Roebuck, in compliance with the request of Lord Palmerston, withdrew his motion in favour of the recognition of the Confederate States.--Mr. Lindsay entered into an explanation of the circumstances under which he and Mr. Roebuck came to have their interview with the Emperor.--Lord Palmerston, while approving of the withdrawal of the motion, hoped that the House had heard the last of amateur diplomacy...


...The Earl of Airlie asked whether any official report had been received of the attack alleged to have been made by a ship of war of the United States on the ship Margaret and Jessie in British waters, and whether it was true that orders had been given to the Federal cruisers no longer to capture, but to sink, all vessels attempting to run the blockade.--Earl Russell said that the report of the Governor of Nassau with regard to the Margaret and Jessie was founded principally on hearsay; while Mr. Seward had stated that the captain of the Federal cruiser had given a different account of the transaction. Until these discrepancies were reconciled her Majesty's Government could only rely on the promise of Mr. Seward that in all cases of this kind strict justice would be done. He had no official knowledge of the statement with regard to the course to be pursued by the Federal cruisers in the blockade, and he thought the report one which ought to be disregarded.

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