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[One of the Most Valuable Veins of Petroleum]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1212, p. 35.

July 11, 1863

One of the most valuable veins of petroleum yet discovered was lately struck on the Farrell farm, Old Creek, Verango County, Pennsylvania. When the well commenced flowing, the oil spouted to a height of fifty feet, with a roar like a hurricane, and escaping at the rate of two thousand barrels per day. A stop-cock was got on after much trouble, and the flow can now be regulated to suit the demand. Another flowing well in the vicinity was so affected by the opening of the new well that its yield decreased over three hundred barrels per day. The Farrell well, which is about 450 ft. deep, was, at last accounts, flowing steadily at the rate of twelve hundred barrels a day. This, even at the moderate prices ruling at the wells, would yield the owners 3600 dols. a day.

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