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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1208, p. 638.

June 13, 1863


...African Slave Trade. --Mr. Coningham asked the First Lord of the Treasury whether the efforts which had been made hitherto by the British nation for the suppression of the African slave trade might not, with advantage, be extended to the continent of America, and whether the time had not at length arrived when it became the duty of her Majesty's Government to enter into friendly negotiations with the Federal Government of the United States, for the purpose of concerting measures for the gradual but total suppression of the slave trade in the Confederate States. Lord Palmerston said his hon. friend was aware that the Federal Government had concluded a treaty with her Majesty's Government, giving a mutual right of search for the purpose of suppressing the slave trade. With regard to the Confederate States, they had passed a law which rendered the slave trade highly penal; but the Federal Government had no relation to the Confederate States except the relation of war; and, as her Majesty's Government had not as yet acknowledged the independence of the Confederates, no communication could take place between her Majesty's Government and those States. In the course of time, if things should alter, they hoped that if the Confederate States succeeded in establishing their independence they would adopt measures similar to those adopted by the Federal States.

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