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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1207, p. 614.

June 6, 1863


...Sir R. Peel, in reply to Mr. Hopwood, said the Government had no direct information that the Federals were recruiting in Ireland. The Government was aware that agents had been there, and inquiries were being made with a view of discovering whether recruiting was going on...

Lord Palmerston, in moving the second reading of the African Slave Trade Treaty Bill, complimented the United States' Government upon the liberal manner in which they had acted with reference to the object of the treaty. After a short discussion the bill was read a second time.


...Mr. Roebuck gave notice that he should bring forward his motion for the recognition of the Southern States on the 30th of June. Mr. Coningham gave notice that he should move a direct negative to it.

In reply to Mr. Hopwood, the Attorney-General said the case of the Alexandra would in all probability come on for trial on Monday week.


Seizure of British Vessels.--Mr. Crawford asked the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether any claim had been made upon the United States Government for compensation to the owners of the schooner Will-o'-the-Wisp, seized at Matamoras in June, 1862, by a United States' cruiser, and afterwards released by the decision of the Prize Court at Key West in the following July.--Mr. Layard said there was some doubt of the vessel having been seized in the Mexican waters. The Prize Court decided there were sufficient grounds for the seizure of the vessel, and therefore they declined to give costs. The owners could appeal, and after that appeal an application to the British Government could be made.

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