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Californian Wonders

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1203, p. 546.

May 16, 1863

Californian Wonders.--In California the vineyards cover 4500 acres, and in 1861 a million gallons of wine were made. Pumpkins reach 250 lb., and potatoes 7 lb. Crops of sixty bushels to the acre are not rare, but the yield of barley is from thirty to thirty-five bushels. The big-tree grove is eight miles long; the largest tree measures 123 ft. in circumference twelve feet from the ground. The first house built in San Francisco was in 1835; in 1861 there were 11,265 houses. The largest gold nugget found in California weighed 195 lb. In 1861 one million dollars'worth of quicksilver was exported from this country. There are also extensive beds of sulphur, asphaltum, and plumbago, and large lakes and springs impregnated with borax. The children born here are on the average larger, and there are more twins born here, than in any other part of the world.--Californian Paper.

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