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[The Alexandra]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1202, p. 512.

May 9, 1863


...The Alexandra [was] recently seized at Liverpool by order of the Government on suspicion that she was intended for the use of the Confederates. The Alexandra was built by Messrs. Miller and Co., of Liverpool, for Messrs. Fawcett, Prescott, and Co., of the same town, both firms being of long standing and great respectability. She was built, launched, and fitted out in dock, when, on the 5th ult., a custom-house officer went on board, and gave a notice to the following effect:--"I have herewith to inform you that, pursuant to the directions of the Collector of Customs, the vessel Alexandra, built by you, has been seized, and will be detained until further instructions shall be received as to the course to be pursued with regard to her." The Alexandra is a three-masted schooner, with engines of 300-horse power, and is adapted for a passenger-vessel, a mail-boat, or a yacht. The firm to which she belongs state that, having heard many inquiries for a vessel of that description, they built her on speculation.

We learn from the Liverpool papers that at the close of last week one or two Government officials were busily engaged in completing the evidence to be adduced by the Crown in the prosecution of the case against the builders and owners of the alleged gun-boat Alexandra. It is also asserted that the parties signing the depositions to the Government, in which it was stated that the Alexandra was intended for the Confederates, have received notices from the law officers of the Crown intimating that they will be required in London at an early period. According to the Shipping Gazette, the case of the Alexandra will be tried in the Court of Exchequer in the course of a few days. The following is the cause of seizure stated in the appraisement filed in the Court of Exchequer:--"No. 1. Date, 1863. Seized by officer Edward Morgan. Cause of seizure: For being equipped, furnished, and fitted out with intent to be employed in the service of persons exercising, or assuming to exercise, the powers of self-government in and over a foreign State, colony, province, or people, the ship or vessel Alexandra, of Liverpool, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, as she now lies.--Signed, Samuel Price Edwards, John King, C. W. Kellock, H. B. Watson." The Alexandra is appraised at £9500.

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