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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1199, p. 430.

April 18, 1863


...Confederate Agents Watched By Our Detectives.--Lord R. Cecil asked the Right Hon. the Home Secretary whether it was true that spies had been appointed to watch the movements of certain persons supposed to be Confederate agents in this country?--Sir G. Grey said, in consequence of an official letter received by the Foreign Minister from the United States' Government, complaining of the conduct of certain parties representing the Confederate States in this country, in connection with the fitting out of vessels in Liverpool, the noble Lord ordered an immediate inquiry into the alleged facts. The result was the appointment of some members of our detective police in a matter which appeared to be an utter violation of the law of this country. That proceeding was perfectly justifiable under the circumstances. There was no particular fund from which those detectives were to be paid for their services beyond that usually set apart for the purpose.

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