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[The Alabama Appears to be Successfully Pursuing]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1194, p. 295.

March 21, 1863

The Alabama appears to be successfully pursuing her cruise for the destruction of Federal merchantmen. The French ship Gil Blas, which has arrived at Havre, has brought two French seamen belonging to the Olive Jane, a Federal vessel bound from Bordeaux to New York, which had been burned on the 21st ult. by Captain Semmes, together with a very large ship bound from California to Queensland. The ship Gil Blas parted from the Alabama on the 23rd ult. in latitude 31 deg. N. and longitude 45 deg. W.; and on the same evening the light of a fire was seen from the Gil Blas. The master of a Dutch ship which has arrived at Rotterdam has likewise reported that he had seen two vessels on fire, and that near one of them was a steamer answering the description of the Alabama. One of these two unlucky vessels, from some floating books picked up by the Dutch captain appeared to be the Golden Eagle, of New York.

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