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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1194, p. 295.

March 21, 1863


By the arrival of the steamer Jura we have telegrams from New York to the 6th inst.

War News.

A battle took place on the 5th inst., between the Confederates under Van Dorn and the Federals under general Coburn, at Springville, Tennessee, thirteen miles south of Franklin. The fight lasted all day, and ended in the defeat of the Federals. The Federal forces consisted of three regiments of infantry, 500 cavalry, and one battery of artillery. Nearly all the Federal infantry were cut to pieces or captured, but the cavalry and artillery escaped.

The transactions at Vicksburg are shrouded in mystery.

The Confederates have captured the Federal steamer Indianola 25 miles below Vicksburg. The rams Webb and Queen of the West attacked her and charged into her until she surrendered. The fight lasted several hours, and the Indianola surrendered in a sinking condition.

The Confederate steamer Nashville ran aground at Fort Macallister, Savannah and was destroyed by the Federal ironclads.

The report of an attempt to assassinate General Banks at New Orleans is said to have been a canard. General Banks has issued orders that negro troops are to be regarded as equals with the white troops.


Senator Sumner reported to the Senate from the Committee upon Foreign Relations concurrent resolutions regarding mediation, which were afterwards passed by both houses of Congress. After referring to the French offer of mediation, the resolutions declare that any idea of mediation or intervention is impracticable, unreasonable, and inadmissible; also that any offer of interference so far encourages rebellion, and tends to prolong the contest; and that Congress will therefore be obliged to regard any further attempt in the same direction as an unfriendly act. The resolutions express regret that the foreign Powers have not frankly informed the Southern chiefs that the work in which they are engaged is hopeless, and that a new Government, with slavery as its corner-stone, and with no other declared object of separate existence, is so far shocking to civilisation and to the moral sense of mankind that it must not expect welcome or recognition in the commonwealth of nations.

The resolutions express an unalterable purpose to prosecute the war until the rebellion is crushed. The resolutions will be communicated to foreign Governments.

Both houses of Congress have passed a bill indemnifying the President for the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus; also a bill imposing a tax of two per cent upon bank circulation. The duty on paper has been reduced from 50 to 20 per cent.

Congress having expired at twelve o'clock on the 4th of March, the Senate reassembled in extra Session, pursuant to the proclamation of President Lincoln. Seventeen new members took their seats, of whom nine were returned for the first time. 0f these nine six were Democrats and three Republicans.


An excited meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce has taken place. The meeting was called to discuss the burning of the Jacob Bell. The president of the chamber intimated that a war with England was a possibility, and one not to be dreaded. England's neutrality was denounced, and the conduct of England towards American merchants declared to be a disgrace to the age.

A riot has occurred at Detroit, Michigan, caused by an attempt of the mob to take from the authorities and lynch a negro charged with assaulting a white girl. The mob failed to capture the negro, but attacked the coloured people miscellaneously. Fifteen persons are said to be killed, and as many houses burned.

In consequence of the passage of the Act taxing speculative transactions in gold and silver coin, there has been a sudden fall in the premium on gold and silver, and the rate of sterling exchange. The premium on gold was fluctuating between 150 and 155.

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