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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1193, p. 263.

March 14, 1863


By the arrival of the steamer City of Washington, we have telegrams from New York to the evening of the 28th ult.

War News.

The Savannah Republican says that three steamers arrived at Charleston on the 9th ult. from Nassau. The steamer Douglas ran out the same night. Not a shot was fired at any of these vessels by the blockading squadron.

General Banks had been fired at by some unknown person in New Orleans, while passing out of his hotel to his carriage. The ball did not take effect. The affair occurred during the evening, and no trace of the assailant could be found. Trouble continues to be experienced in New Orleans concerning the coloured troops. Several white officers have resigned, and one Brigadier-General has refused to march with the negroes.

The Federal ram Queen of the West, which lately ran the line of Confederate batteries on the Mississippi, has been captured by the Confederates on the Red River, with the aid of a treacherous pilot, who ran the vessel close to a Confederate battery. All the officers and crew except thirteen escaped. She had six guns and a quantity of stores on board.

Another bombardment of Vicksburg had taken place, without result. The Federals now propose to reduce the place by a regular siege. It is believed that there is much suffering in Vicksburg, on account of the interruption of the river communication. Deserters report that the Confederates would be compelled to evacuate the city if relief did not shortly arrive.


Mr. Cameron has been forced to resign his position as American Minister to St. Petersburg.

The Conference Committee has reported, and the House of Representatives passed, the bill authorising the Secretary of the Treasury to borrow 300,000,000 dols. for the current year and 600,000,000 dols. for next year, in bonds payable in not less than ten and not more than forty years in coin, and bearing six per cent interest annually, payable in coin; also to issue 400,000,000 dols. in three-year six per cent Treasury notes, the interest payable in lawful money; also, to issue 150,000,000 dols. of legal-tender notes, to be used solely for the liquidation of Treasury notes when required. The bill also authorises a further issue of 50,000,000 dols. legal-tender notes in addition to the issue of l00,000,000 dols. authorised in January. The rate of taxation of the bank circulation is not settled.

The House of Representatives has passed the Conscription Bill by a vote of 115 to 49. A call for troops under this Act is expectly [sic] shortly.


The fallen condition of the institution of slavery in the State of Maryland is evidenced by the following circumstance. The appraisers of the slave property of the late Charles Carroll, one of the largest slaveholders in Maryland, have made their returns to the Orphans' Court, assessing the value of 130 slaves at an average of only 5 dols. each. This, they say, was the highest rate they could name after consulting with numerous slaveholders and dealers. One slave-dealer told the appraisers he would not give 500 dols. for the whole lot.

A collision has taken place between the inhabitants of Honey Valley, on the California and Nevada frontier, concerning a question of boundary. Both parties were fortifying themselves in log-huts, and receiving reinforcements.

A movement has been inaugurated among the mechanics of New York to prevent the importation of English operatives.

Gold is 71½ per cent premium; silver, at 66.

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