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[The Carreer of the Alabama]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1184, p. 59.

January 17, 1863

The Career of the Alabama.--(To the Editor.)--Will you grant me space to correct a few of the many errors contained in Mr. S. M. Underhill's communication to the Scotsman referring to the Confederate steamer Alabama, a copy of which appeared in your columns on Saturday last? 1. She was not built under contract with a Mr. Butcher. 2. Her engines are not by Penn, of London, but by Laird, of Birkenhead. 3. She did not, after leaving Birkenhead, steam directly to the island to the Atlantic, &c., but passed a day and two nights in Moelfra Bay, on the coast of Wales, taking in there a portion of her crew, bonded stores, &c. 4. Her destination was not "Tarissa," wherever that may be, but Terceira, one of the Azores. 5. She was never commanded by a Captain Bullock. The gentleman who took charge of her from the time she left the stocks till she was delivered into the hands of Captain Semmes, of the Confederate navy, was Captain M. J. Butcher, R.N.R. 6. The Alabama had no English papers to prove her neutrality; in fact, she carried no papers whatever. 7. She was not visited daily by large parties of the inhabitants of "Tarissa," or Terceira. Once only (on the 22nd of August) a party of about seventy persons, chiefly officials, paid the vessel a visit.--A.B., Hull, Jan. 12, 1863.

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